Thursday, July 31, 2008

Recipe for sparkling eyes and wonder


One plastic container
Twigs, sticks, bark (preferably without wood roaches and/or larvae sticking to it)
Fabric leaves
Glitter in various colors (I like the fairy dust glitter. It is much more realistic. After all, these are fairies we are talking about. You need portray them realistically.)
River rocks
Spanish moss
Silk flowers
Squares of felt (I like green (grass), white (snow) and brown (dirt).
Tiny nests and birds (the kind you find at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, not the kind you find in a tree)
Small fairy figures (I went to at least half a dozen store and finally found them at WalMart.)
Elmer’s Glue
Foam fairy hats from Michael's and foam stickers.


Place thin layer of Glue on some of the leaves and cover with green glitter. Let dry.
Pack everything in plastic box.
Allow children to decorate hats.
Take pictures.
Decorate hats with squiggles of glue and cover with various colored glitter.

Allow children to make fairy houses out of contents of plastic box.
Take pictures.



Nets from the elefun game
A willing husband
An accommodating sister

Take children to sister's house to ask instructions on how to find fairies. Good answers would include: Listen for bells, look out for fairy dust, ask cats (because everyone knows cats can tell humans where fairies are), and catch a butterfly (fairies often ride them when they get tired of flying).
While sister is giving you strange looks and repeating your whispered instructions, have husband apply green fairy dust to leaves in backyard. Take kids to backyard and allow them to "find" the fairy dust and exclaim with wonder that this must be where the fairies sleep.
Take pictures.
Have husband shake bells one floor up from kitchen window.
Allow kids to frantically look for the fairy that is teasing them with its tinkling sound.
Tell kids that one year old (the one husband is allowing to shriek from kitchen window) has scared the fairies away.
Take kids through woods behind house. Have an anxiety attack when daughter slides down an embankment and little girl you watch almost steps on a rusty nail.
Point out cat sitting by tree and tell kids to chase it out of woods and ask it where the fairies are.
Smile when daughter does so.
Tell kids you watch that they insulted the cat when they said, "cats don't talk." Now the cat will not talk!
Breathe when kids leave woods.
Take kids up the hill known as Fairy Mountain.
Take pictures.
Call husband from cell phone and tell him to construct a fairy house in front.
Walk around the community and watch the kids insanely try to catch butterflies.
Wave at neighbors.
Tell them you are looking for fairies.
Try not to appear in need of Psycho-somatic drugs.
Take kids home and allow them to "discover" fairy house. Notice that he also sprinkled pink, blue and purple fairy dust around the steps.
Give husband a big kiss.
Allow one year old to try to catch a fairy, too.
Take pictures.
Enjoy the imagination of your children.
Take pictures.

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